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Falling apart

14 August 1973
I'm under 5ft in height, long auburn hair, and own an assortment of real weapons and a few pretend ones (some that go clang, some that go thud, and some that you really don't need to know about) You've probably guessed at this point either re-enactor or LARPer (or perhaps you thought 'ahh.. a homicidal maniac' they're quite similar in fact :p )At one time or another I've done both, and I also do a lot of PnP RP and online gaming. Yes... I'm a geek.

I've discovered over the years that being small and supposedly 'cute' usually means that no one takes me seriously (especially with me being in a wheelchair) ... they tend to think otherwise with a loaded crossbow pointing at them (insert evil grin).

I used to travel around alot, and get to meet many strange and interesting people along the way, but due to declining health I hardly leave the house anymore. I've been a Pagan (not Wiccan) for over 17 years (I don't really like labels, but i suppose i'd be a solitary eccelctic hedgewitch). I don't believe in coincidence - all things happen for a reason, even the really bad things.. but then bad is only a perception isn't it..

And.. if anyone ever asks me 'what path do you follow' the answer will be 'there are no paths, just roots and branches of the same tree' :p